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Information Technology

With decades of experience, our technology team of market researchers and consultants have helped Fortune 500 clients in various technology fields build stronger products, campaigns and brands.

Our expertise spans business-to-business and business-to-consumer brands and our deep knowledge of specific markets enables us to fully understand your customers and their motivations.

Through the use of web and phone surveys, focus groups, contextual inquiry, choice modeling and other methods, we provide the market insights you need to optimize new product development and better position your brands.

Our insight can also help your firm hedge against any unforeseen risks due to new product introductions, competitor actions, or expansion into new markets.


Our Telecommunications division comprises research and industry-specific experts who are devoted to addressing the wide range of issues facing communications providers. These dedicated professionals have been consulting with leading companies in traditional voice, wireless voice and data, and high-speed Internet/networking services for the past 20 years.

Our team is skilled in providing unique, actionable insights that address diverse business challenges, while reducing the risks associated with critical decision making. The highly competitive and evolving nature of the communications industry makes it imperative to follow a disciplined approach to monitoring and analyzing industry news, events, and technologies.


The strategic insight and direction you need to successfully position your brand in today's ever-changing, competitive healthcare marketplace is achieved through the right combination of innovative solutions, thought leadership and experience.

Some challenges facing this industry are the significant changes imposed by Federal regulations such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which will impact employer, physician, broker and patient behavior, as well as pricing and reimbursement. Because you have an increasing need to understand why key customers behave in certain ways, we provide insights and solutions that are truly tailored to meet your individual needs and address your unique challenges.


We have over 15 years experience of conducting research for organizations in industrial and manufacturing environments, and our work has covered a diverse range of sectors and product areas.

As such, we are able to draw upon our extensive knowledge of working in these sectors to develop the most appropriate and cost effective solutions and ensure our industrial and manufacturing clients get exactly what they need.

Our team of consultants and fieldworkers are regularly engaging with business people across a wide range of functional areas (e.g. financial, operations, technical, purchasing, etc.), providing you with reassurance of our capabilities to gather insight from the most senior level individuals. Furthermore we have a practical understanding of which approaches are most successful to achieve high response rates, and which questioning techniques to use to ensure that we gather high quality feedback.

Government/Public Sector

The new demands on government intelligence and security agencies require new and innovative solutions. CAG offers a unique combination of consulting, training, and advisory services that combines the best of both government and business tools.

Whether its long-range policy planning amid future uncertainties, training on intelligence analysis and production tools, or counsel on effective early warning approaches, CAG has the expertise to help local, state and federal agencies confront their most pressing challenges.

Drawing on years of intelligence and strategy work with government and business clients, we are uniquely positioned to bring the best practices of both worlds to your situation. We have access to a network of highly qualified staff and affiliates to support agency and contractor project needs.


We have built and developed a number of strong relationships with marketing and media agencies, who trust us to deliver on time and to the right standards for their own valued client-base.

Working with advertising agencies, PR agencies, designers, media agencies, digital specialists and social marketing specialists, we understand the importance of delivering high quality, targeted insights both quickly and cost effectively.

We work in partnership with key players in this sector – ensuring recommendations for marketing communications are grounded in solid research. We also test and develop creative concepts (through co-creation as well as traditional research methods), and often assist with new business pitches.


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